PC Builds

for your needs


We build customised PC's for your every need while also offering a diagnosis and repair service.

With over 20 years computer experience, we provide a unique experience to build the PC that’s right for your needs. Whether it’s for work, gaming, streaming or a combination of all we will ensure you will receive the best system for your budget.

What We Do

Custom PC Builds

Using PC Partpicker, we will tailor the PC build for the PC you desire, AMD or INTEL, Air or an All in One water cooler.  Using the latest and best products we can build the right PC for your needs.   

PC Repair

Current PC not running as it should? We offer a diagnostic and repair service.   

PC Upgrade

Do you want the latest and greatest components? Need more storage but too afraid to open up the PC? 

We can do upgrades for you, making your PC that much better. 

PC Builds with no hidden costs

Using PC Part Picker, together we will pick out the right parts and components best suited for your needs.  
Using paypal you then pay us the total cost including our fees. 

We then order your parts and once delivered, build & carry out stability and stress tests making sure your PC is running as it should.

Upon completion, we will either personally deliver the PC to your door step or use DPD next day delivery.


PC Build / Repair / Upgrade

About us


I have over 20 years experience working with computers, hardware and software. My day job is an Avionics Aircraft Technician in the RAF with 12 years experience, working on various aircraft.  Over the years and especially during lockdown I was providing Tech Support for different groups on Discord and facebook, and I thought to myself why not try to make a success of building computers, carrying out repairs and helping those who want a good system without being ripped off by the bigger mainstream companies.  KP-PCBuilds was born, providing top quality and affordable custom PC's built for your needs.  

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