Our Partners

Some of our key partners

welshtazdevil - Twitch


hey there. My names Taz, I’m a Esports Wales player & streamer, currently streaming rainbow 6 siege, codmw, gta5 RP. I stream as much as possible! If you want to join in then feel free to chat!

James Bernard

James Bernard


I have 5 years experience working with clients. I can do various different styles of design but my main focus is on logo design and branding strategy.

Ninja Refinery

Ninja Refinery


Ninja Refinery is about 2 things: Gaming and Coffee. They go hand in hand more than you think, and we like to write about and review, as much as we can in these two worlds! Coffee reviews, game and hardware reviews. Always looking to give an honest and open opinion and to share some of the good stuff these worlds have to give.


Nebster142788 Twitch


me as a streamer well whats to say im friendly chatty, just a happy gamer dad who likes others to enjoy a good conversation i play multiple games from old school runescape to fortnite and everything between

Gumbar & Stackin'

Gumbar & Stackin'


Gumbar aka Scott is a East Anglian based high energy Harder styles DJ and producer!

Rocking dance floors across the country and boasting some impressive residencies (Project, Pams House, Hard::Life, Evolution) plus bookings & support from the big UK events & supporting some of the biggest artists in the harder styles scene in the UK!

Stackin’ is the brand to come off the back off of Gumbar as he continues his quest for domination featuring Stackin’ Podcast, Stackin’ Radio and in 2022 the launch of Stackin’ beats record label!

Be sure to check out the shows and other Gumbar content to keep up on his movements & releases!

Chris Wiseman

Digital Wizard

Chris and I have been friends since high school and he’s helped me behind the scenes to put together the site you see before you. 

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